it’s tense in Marseille with the Greek supporters, incidents at the Vélodrome

PAOK supporters entered the stadium

As BFM Marseille reports, Greek supporters have now taken their place in the Vélodrome.

First incidents in front of the Velodrome

Overflows are underway near the Vélodrome stadium, which the supporters joined after clashes in the Joliette district. As BFM Marseille reports, the supporters were pushed back to the Prado roundabout.

Damage to Joliette

As reported by BFM Marseille, damage was noted in the La Joliette sector, after the departure of Greek supporters

PAOK supporters take the direction of the Vélodrome

A transfer is organized by the police

The Prefecture announces two arrests among Greek supporters

Two Greek supporters, described as “thugs” by the Bouches-du-Rhône police headquarters, were arrested for having “violated the security instructions which they had nevertheless agreed”.

PAOK supporters did not respect their commitment

According to our information, the PAOK had undertaken in writing, with the Prefecture of Bouches-du Rhône, that the Greek supporters would not come to the city center of Marseille. It was even one of the prerequisites for accepting the arrival of 3,000 PAOK fans. As of Wednesday evening, this commitment was not kept, with several hundred Greek fans gathered in a hotel near the La Joliette district. Clashes then took place when a few groups of Greek supporters came out and were attacked by Marseille ultras.

On Wednesday evening and today, the local authorities expressed to UEFA and PAOK their incomprehension at the fact that the Greek supporters did not respect the order to avoid the city center. PAOK fans normally meet at an undisclosed location outside Marseille for a more secure and escorted bus arrival. Police and CRS are mobilized to avoid clashes before or after the match.


The situation is tense in the Joliette district, with PAOK supporters

The situation is tense in the Joliette district of Marseille. Many Greek PAOK Salonika supporters, all dressed in black, are gathered. Some are in a very alcoholic state. Others have wooden bats in their hands.

Several hundred Greek supporters are gathered in front of the Théâtre de la Joliette. A rumor has it that Marseilles would be expected for the fight. Several dozen police vehicles are on site.

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La Joliette in Marseille with supporters of PAOK Salonika
La Joliette in Marseille with supporters of PAOK Salonique © BFM Marseille

Wednesday evening and overnight, several clashes took place in the city center.

BFM Marseille

A look back at OM’s qualification against Basel

It was in Basel that the Marseillais had won their ticket for the quarterfinals

Kick off at 9 p.m.

The Vélodrome is hosting the Conference League quarter-final first leg between OM and PAOK Salonika this Thursday, from 9 p.m.

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