Jaguar filmed attacking giant anaconda in South America

Tourists on safari in the Pantanal in the heart of South America witnessed an impressive scene: a jaguar (panthera onca) attacking a giant anaconda (Eunectes murinus). the feline is at the top of the food chain in the Amazon and a feared predator.

It attacks large prey such as deer, capybarasthe big rodent of the world, but also of reptiles. It is therefore not surprising to see her go after a giant anaconda. It can also attack caimans or some turtles. Her bite is powerful enough to pierce the skin of the former and the shell of the latter.

The giant anaconda is also a formidable predator, capable of swallowing up a goat, rodents and even other snakes. But against the jaguar, he has no chance. Unlike other felines that kill their prey by suffocation by biting them in the throat, jaguars pierce thetemporal bone of their prey and pierce the brain. This anaconda found out the hard way.


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