Joggers attacked by dogs near Fougères: the owners of the breeding have left the premises… or almost

The camp after the dog owners' departure.
The land where the kennel is located in Beaucé. The owners of the animals left the premises on Tuesday 18 October (©Republican Chronicle).

While jogging, Monday, October 17two friends were surrounded by a pack of dogs i Beauceclose Ferns.

One of them had three bites on one leg. He testified in Republican Chronicle.

The facts took place in the Plessis sector, on the road bordering a field where a dog farm has been established, causing inconvenience to residents.

Connected by phone Wednesday, October 19Stéphane Idlas, the mayor, said:

A priori, the owners of the dogs left on Tuesday during the day.

He specifies that three dogs remained on the prowl and had to be removed. The chosen one regrets what happened to the joggers and recalls:

It’s not for lack of taking things in hand since last May. It took time.

He had gone several times to the place and especially asked for the establishment of a safe kennel and had seized the services of the state.

The mayor had to take stock of the situation with the gendarmerie Wednesday, October 19 pm.

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Ongoing investigation

The gendarmes, who are working on this case within the framework of a consultation with the prefecture and the prosecutor’s office on their side. reindeerspecify that an investigation is underway to find the owners of the dogs and to find out if they intend to return to look for the stray animals.

Otherwise, they must be seized and placed in a kennel.

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