Jonathann Daval: his false identity, his weight loss … the “revelations” and anecdotes of his lawyer

Four years after the murder of Alexia Daval, Me Randall Schwerdorffer, her husband’s lawyer sentenced to 25 years in prison, released a book on this emblematic case.

Jonathann Daval was sentenced on November 21, 2019 to twenty-five years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia, whose partially charred body was discovered on October 30, 2017 in Gray-la-Ville.

He had played the grieving husband for months before finally confessing.

While the parents of the victim are preparing to release a book on the case, on October 28, entitled “Alexia, our daughter”, Randall Schwerdorffer, Jonathann Daval’s lawyer, published this Thursday, October 14 a book on the Daval affair, entitled “I wanted her to shut up”subtitled “The love tragedy of Alexia and Jonathann Daval”, co-written with investigative journalist Frédéric Gilbert.

On this occasion, he shared some facts and anecdotes about his client and the case.

The false identity of Jonathann Daval

Once in prison and placed in solitary confinement, Jonathann Daval (of his true identity Jonathan Daval) was registered under a false name as his lawyer said in an interview with Gala.

Indeed, to ensure his safety, he was appointed Kevin.

The lawyers could therefore visit him by declaring that they “came to see Kevin”.

But as Randall Schwerdorffer explains, this false identity could not last long because his associate Me Ornella Spatafora, during a visit at the time of leaving, exclaimed loud and clear: “Okay, hello Jonathann!”.

An error which therefore revealed fairly quickly the identity of the prisoner placed in solitary confinement…

His nickname

In his book, Jonathann Daval’s lawyer and his associates have established a link with their client. So much so that from the start they nicknamed him “Jo”.

Randall Schwerdorffer explains it to Gala because they met “a little boy”whom he describes as “transparent, gentle, who speaks very softly, who is very reserved, very fragile, with a lot of sensitivity.”

Even today, the lawyer calls him with this nickname. A closeness that cannot be explained. “We like him Jonathann, it can’t be explained.”

A “phenomenal weight loss” in prison

The lawyer also returns to the personality of his client who is very complex. Like when he lost weight in an inexplicable, but very impressive way.

A weight loss that the lawyer describes as “phenomenal”. Despite a battery of tests and the fact that the prisoner was feeding, “nobody understood on a medical level what was going on.”

“He somatized, that is to say he never had any pathology, no disease but it looked like he was suffering from cancer.”

This exceptional moment when Jonathann spoke alone with Alexia’s parents

The lawyer also returned to this surreal scene which he could not attend but which he observed from afar, as he told BFM.

Indeed, just after confessing, on December 7, 2018, the judges accepted a most extraordinary request: to leave Jonathann talking to his in-laws, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot as well as with his sister-in-law and his brother-in-law, Stephanie and Gregory Gay in the strictest privacy.

No magistrate, no lawyer, no policeman, they were all five in a glass room which nevertheless made it possible to see the interlocutors speaking to each other.

Besides, the lawyer confides that he does not know what they said to each other. “I never asked Jonathann the question, it’s part of his totally private sphere.”

“But it’s a surreal scene, it should never have existed, it could have existed with the agreement of the examining magistrate.”

He specifies that the people who could see the scene, saw the interlocutors talking, but also crying and even hugging, but no one apart from them knows the words that were exchanged.

Before adding: “We were spectators that day of a extraordinary confrontation and then from this completely surreal scenewe lived a moment out of time“, concludes the lawyer.

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