Jonathann’s lawyer and Alexia’s family each publish a book on the drama

One is a tribute to the victim while the other is a reflection on the personality of the killer and “the difficulty of defending a man like Jonathann in a gendered society”.

Alexia, our daughter and I wanted her to shut up. Two books, two approaches. One is Alexia Daval’s parents, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, who co-wrote it with journalist and television producer Thomas Chagnaud. It appears on October 28 at Robert Laffont. The other is the lawyer for the murderer Jonathann Daval, Me Randall Schwerdorffer, who co-wrote it with the journalist Frédéric Gilbert. It was published on October 14 by Éditions Hugo Doc.

Four years after the murder of Alexia Daval, everyone delivers their version of the facts. On the one hand, there is Me Randall Schwerdorffer, who proposes a book centered on the personalitycomplexof his client but also on the history of the couple. Subtitle “The love tragedy of Alexia and Jonathann Daval“, the book aims to “analyze the Daval affair from the angle of a love tragedy“, which would allow, according to a press release from its publisher, to “understand how and why it has become in a few days the most publicized news story of the last twenty years and how this affair was able to stand out from the too many feminicides that France experienced in 2017“.

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If Me Schwerdorffer affirms to Free lunch keeping a certain closenesswhich cannot be explainedwith his client, he says he also managed to gain height, raising in his book social issues related to the case, such as a reflection on the word “feminicide“, but also “the freedom of expression of lawyers in the criminal process“, going through the question of the presumption of innocence and the “tsunamimedia whose Daval affair was the subject. “One of the objectives of this book is to tell the difficulty of defending a man like Jonathann in a gendered society.“, explains the lawyer to the Figaroadding that hewill follow until the end“the one for whom”he has empathy“. Asked about the title of his book, the latter wishes to specify that this sentence, as well as that pronounced by the victim’s mother during the trial, “You are not a manare, for him, the key to this affair. Moreover, it is a title which, according to Mr. Schwerdorffer, “has the advantage of not going back on a court decision, as is the case with Alexia’s parents’ book, which speaks of ‘assassination’. Unlike theirs, my book remains as close as possible to the judicial truth.“, he believes.

The victim’s parents’ book offers a story “from the inside, closer to the killer“, assures their editor. A testimony that wants to bethe truth about our daughter’s murder”, reads the caption. “Her name was Alexia. She was our daughter. And it’s been four years since she was killed by the one who had promised to love her. Since then, we no longer live. we survive“, write on the back cover the parents of the deceased. The publisher also emphasizes that for them it is a “tributeto the young girl, throughout which Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot have “finally tried to understandwhat had happened. A “amazing scenariowhich retraces, according to the publisher, the testimony ofthose around him [Jonathann Daval, NDLR] in those long evenings of lies, pain and manipulation“.

Jonathann Daval was sentenced on November 21, 2019 to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia. His body was discovered in October 2017 in Gray-la-Ville (Haute-Saône), partly charred. After showing the face of a grieving widower for three months, the computer scientist was confused by gendarmerie investigators after careful investigations.

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