Jorge Sampaoli (OM) after the defeat against Clermont: “Complicated with a late goal”

Jorge Sampaoli, Marseille coach, beaten (2-0) by Clermont: “We got into the game very badly with the first twenty minutes missed and a goal down. Then we had control, we had possibilities and their goalkeeper made a lot of saves. But everything was more complicated with a goal behind. It’s hard for us here, we lost a lot of points. We have to fix that and win some home games. It is very important for us and for the public. There was a lot of anxiety and from the conceded goal there was little offensive clarity. Whistles are normal. The public wants to see what they came for and we couldn’t give them. You have to accept it and try to improve. »

Pascal Gastien, Clermont coach: “In these matches, you need a bit of success, discipline and efficiency. These are the ingredients to win in Marseille even if it could have turned out when we were dominated. But we defended well. We could have put them in more danger but I don’t want to be choosy, it’s a very good result. There was discipline, solidarity and we also sometimes took out the balls well so that they always felt the danger. We are able to defend low, even if it is not what we usually advocate. But there is a balance of power that is established and I think we made an intelligent match.

We need points and we made a good operation because I think we are the only ones at the bottom of the table to have won. Everyone thought we were going to lose. There we put teams at six points, it’s really a very, very good operation. At the break, I told them not to lose their heads, to keep their cool. In the second half, we were a little less rushed. We put a lot of will and commitment into the duels. And we did it intelligently, without making too many mistakes. »


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