Julien Doré, Dominique Farrugia and Julien Courbet mobilized to find a puppy kidnapped in Brittany

The kidnapping in Brittany of a young puppy named Sunny, moves Internet users and personalities, who relay the opinion on social networks.

The fate of Sunny, a 4-month-old puppy kidnapped in Finistère on April 29, mobilizes Internet users and personalities such as Julien Doré or Dominique Farrugia.

The singer thus published a video, calling on Nathalie, to help Sunny’s mistress find her dog.

“If you can help this person, if you can help this puppy, friends, to find him,” says the singer.

The dog, a mini American shepherd, was kidnapped in Plouarzel, in Finistère, on April 29, while his mistress, an animal enthusiast who set up a pet-sitting company, was walking him with another dog.

“My dog ​​was no longer in the car”

“A couple came to approach me, as happens very often, since I have a logo on my vehicle and on my t-shirt, tells Nathalie to BFMTV. The woman spoke to me a lot, drew my attention to her , while the person accompanying her walked around my vehicle, pretending to be a phone call. I have nothing. The lady asked me for my card and she got into the vehicle that was parked behind mine. Time I looked for the other dog, I saw that my dog ​​was no longer in my car. The strap had been cut clean.”

The search notice published by Nathalie on social networks, was relayed by Julien Doré, therefore, but also by Dominique Farrugia.

Host Julien Courbet also retweeted the wanted notice, as well as the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

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