Juve and Villarreal will wait for the second leg to decide

It’s over and everything is possible between Turin and Villarreal

After a dazzling start from Vlahovic for Juventus and a goal in 32 seconds, the Turinese seemed to want to be content to manage for a good part of the match … and finally gave in quite logically to repeated attacks from Villarreal. On a big oversight, Parejo snatched the equalizer and allows us to expect a completely open return match. Everything will remain to be done in 3 weeks, at the Juventus Stadium, and the Bianconeri will have to show a greater desire over the 90 minutes to seek qualification.

Pino passes on the right side

The newcomer is very dangerous from one of his first balls, taking the best of Pellegrini and then looking for a partner at the far post… The Turinese ward off the danger but remain under pressure.

Dia entry

Double change again for Villarreal: Danjuma and Chukwueze leave, Dia and Pino enter.

In scrabble, the Yellows are largely losers.

Zakaria on interception

Well placed on a pass from Chukwueze, Denis Zakarian tries to initiate a quick counter-attack. Vlahovic is taken over by Pau Torres, who makes the small mistake he had to make to cut the action.

From Sciglio to the end

The left side seems exhausted and, victim of cramps, will have to go out for the last minutes. Pellegrini enters.

Vlahovic’s strike!

In the middle of little, Dusan Vlahovic once again manages to create danger with a sudden and well-placed strike. Rulli quickly goes to the ground and deflects the shot.

McKennie shot in the ankle

The former Schalke 04 midfielder cannot continue the match after a too rough tackle from Estupinan and gives way … to a former Mönchengladbach player, Denis Zakaria.

Double change of Emery

Unai Emery decides to make two position-for-position changes as the game draws to a close, with Trigueros and Estupinan for Moreno and Pedraza.

Juve play backwards

The Italians no longer manage to take control of the match at all and suffer each Villarreal offensive.

Rabiot informed

The French midfielder intervenes very very close to the ball, on Chukwueze’s leg… Mr. Siebert has prepared a yellow card, while the tone is rising between the two teams. The Villarreal players believe the gesture deserved a straight red, but the decision is backed up by video with the Nigerian still on the ground. Rabiot is doing very well there.

Exit from Locatelli

Arthur comes into play for the last 20 minutes of this match on the side of Juve, who will have to react so as not to completely lose the thread of this first leg.


AND THE EQUALIZATION OF VILLARREAL! Not much was happening, but Juve had been suffering for long minutes counting on Bonucci to hold on defensively. But on an oversight in the marking, Parejo arises and only has to beat Szczesny with a well placed flat foot. 1-1!

Free kick for Villarreal

The Spaniards decide to first bypass the Turin block before centering the ball, thanks to Chukwueze. It is still repelled by visitors.

Parejo’s Long Strike

The ball once again flies over the Juventus goalkeeper’s goal. Villarreal are still trying hard, but have only alerted Szczesny twice since kick-off.

The recovery of Moreno!

At the entrance to the area, Lo Celso tries to fix the Juventus defense after recovering the ball very high. He shifts to his left towards Moreno… who lets go for Pedraza, before being at the resumption of the center immediately. Szczesny is well placed and can catch the ball.

Center taken over by Foyth

Bonucci is well placed, marking, behind the Argentine defender and manages to deflect his recovery. The corner then does not benefit Villarreal.

The strong center of Cuadrado

The Bianconeri started this second period very strongly, this time with the right piston of the Turinese who made the difference on Pau Torres before finding McKennie in the six meters… countered. Vlahovic was flagged offside anyway.

Morata’s Volley!

On a long cross from McKennie, Alvaro Morata is at the reception and tries a volley that is finally a little too crushed. His recovery misses the goal.

The game resumes!

A change on the side of Juventus to start this second period, with the entry into play of Bonucci in place of Alex Sandro.

It’s the break at the Ceramica!

Juve only needed about 30 seconds to score a goal. Then, the Italians seemed to have mastered their subject, without being frankly put in danger, but without taking shelter either. The second half remains totally open: 0-1 at the break.

Vigilant Juve

The Turinese continue their demonstration of quiet strength, going to put the pressure on each duel and pushing the Spaniards to the fault. Apart from 10 minutes less well, but without consequences, Allegri’s players managed a perfect shot.

The strong center of Lo Celso!

Donjuma, from an eccentric position, combines well with Moreno who then finds Lo Celso in the box. The former Parisian manages to put the ball hard in front of goal… and De Ligt sends it back just as dry.

The cover of McKennie!

On a good rush from De Sciglio on the left side, Villarreal’s defense is overwhelmed and completely suffered. The center of the side, then, is taken over full axis by McKennie … countered at the last moment. The Turinese seem to have room to hurt tonight.

Capua from afar

The player passed by Niort and Chauray, practically without momentum, relies on a long shot which does not find the target. Pity.

Morata’s shot…

totally failed! Served by McKennie, on a raise from Szczesny who took the entire Villarreal team from behind, Morata controlled and followed up with a strike that clearly lacked precision. It’s a gift for the supporters behind the goal.

Szczesny… right into touch

The Spaniards put some pressure on Juve’s recovery and force Szczesny to a direct recovery to the sidelines. Villarreal are playing fast. Capoue arms from a distance… and falls on a defender.

Juve took the ball

After a few rather complicated minutes in midfield, with a Spanish midfielder who had taken over all the duels, the Bianconeri regained control of the game. On a back serve from Vlahovic, Locatelli did not find the frame. . But Juve is once again dangerous.

Morata tries to dribble

The Spanish striker, after a first failure, tries to return to the goal ball to the ball. He loses his duel in the penalty area and does not get the expected corner. Villarreal will be able to get away.

Oooh the Szczesny reflex!

On a dribble from the right side, Chukwueze makes the difference and serves Danjuma in the sixteen meters. His backheel attempt was not far from surprising the Italians, but Szczesny put his arms in opposition at the last moment.

The attacking submarine

The Yellows keep the pressure on Juve’s last meters and get a corner… Morata deflects the cross to the near post. Szczesny can finally grab the ball, high in the air.

Lo Celso… full post!

What an action from Villarreal, who finally manages to make the difference thanks to a great individual action from Moreno. After his breakthrough to transplant in the axis, he serves Lo Celso … who finds the post on his shot! Juve was hot this time!

Juve in control

The Bianconeri have taken the advantage psychologically and are continuing their momentum, sure of their strength on the restart… and with Vlahovic as a master in keeping the ball with his back to goal.

Villarreal with the ball

The Spaniards try to react with a patient possession game, without making the Turinese shudder… who even recover a goal exit thanks to a favorable counter.

Vlahovic, second ball…

The Juve striker is still found in depth and tries his luck again, on the nerve, at the edge of the penalty area. He is countered this time… before being flagged offside.

32 seconds exactly

According to the latest counters, it took exactly 32 seconds for the opener in favor of Juve.



Served in depth, the Serb controls the chest and finds a perfect angle of strike for a cross shot that passes between the two defenders… and deceives Rulli. The ball is in the background, Villarreal is totally surprised!

The kick-off given to the Ceramica!

After the Champions League anthem, the kick-off is given in this first leg confrontation between Villarreal and Juventus!

Vlahovic, the man to watch

He will be the player to watch tonight, on the side of Juventus. Since his arrival, the striker has scored one goal in 4 games. But with stats showing 17 goals in 21 Serie A games before that under the colors of Fiorentina, Dusan Vlahovic promises an efficiency that can do a lot of good for the Turinese, who are sometimes struggling offensively this season.

And Lille then?

At the same time, a French club is also playing in the Champions League, against the defending champion, and it is live on RMC Sport.

A new poster

The two teams have never had the opportunity to meet in the Champions League before and will therefore offer an unprecedented poster for these round of 16 tonight.

Both teams prepare

The Bianconeri and Villarreal players are on the pitch for the warm-up, thirty minutes from kick-off.

Lineups with Vlahovic associated with Morata

The Serbian striker will be a good starter for his first in the Champions League, with the Turin colors, tonight. Opposite, Étienne Capoue is present in midfield for the Spaniards.

Villarreal’s eleven : Rulli – Foyth, Albiol, Pau Torres, Pedraza – Chukwueze, Capua, Parejo, Moreno – Lo Celso, Danjuma.

The eleven of Juve : Szczesny – De Sciglio, Danilo, De Ligt, Alex Sandro – Cuadrado, Locatelli, Rabiot, McKennie – Vlahovic, Morata.

The Old Lady facing the Yellow Submarine

With its winter recruit at 80 million euros Dusan Vlahovic and after a rather successful group stage, despite the heavy setback suffered on the lawn of Chelsea (4-0), Juventus Turin will try to finally pass the course of the 8th of Champions League final after failures the previous two seasons. But the team of Unai Emery, specialist in European cups, will be able to try to play a bad trick on the Italian team in front of their public.

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