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Jostled in the second half and joined by Villarreal despite an express goal from their rookie Vlahovic, Juventus Turin ensured the essential by bringing back the draw (1-1) this Tuesday in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League.

Juve will be satisfied with it - D

Capua and Villarreal have caught up with Juve de Morata.

In the lead after only 32 seconds of play and then battered in the second half, Juventus Turin will be content with the draw against Villarreal (1-1) this Tuesday in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League.

Author of a superb sequence of control of the chest-strike crosses in the surface, the rookie Vlahovic therefore took less than a minute to find the fault for his first match in LdC (0-1, 1st)!

Lo Celso touches wood!

Stunned but not dejected, Unai Emery’s men quickly offered a reaction, but Lo Celso sent his recovery on the post, then Szczesny made a decisive save on a backheel from Danjuma. After these minutes of madness, the Spaniards quickly fell into sterile possession and the Bianconeri defended very calmly, like an excellent De Ligt, against an opponent unable to set the pace.

Juve shakes up

The match was a bit lively before the break but McKennie ct Juve then Lo Celso for the locals were countered. As at the start of the game, we witnessed a big Italian highlight on the return from the locker room, symbolized by this recovery from Morata who fled the target. But the physiognomy was gradually reversed over the minutes with the Spaniards winning more and more duels and getting seriously closer to the opposing surface. Parejo ended up taking the opportunity to equalize by exploiting an oversight of the transalpine defense (1-1, 66th).

Malmene, the image of a Rabiot very happy to escape expulsion after a high tackle on Chukwueze, Juve still suffered at the end, but the last chance was all the same in favor of the visitors and Vlahovic, who hit a good Rulli. Everything remains to be done before returning to Pimont on March 16.

The score of the match: 6/10

An indecisive and quite pleasant match. After a very intense first quarter of an hour, the first period turned out to be quite firm, but the awakening of Villarreal then gave rise to a second act of fine craftsmanship during which we really wondered if Juve was going to end up cracking. The atmosphere was rather pleasant at the Stade de la Cramique.

The goals :

– On a long opening from Danilo, Vlahovic, wedged between Torres and Albiol in a mouse hole, controlled the chest and chained with a cross shot from the right which deceived Rulli (0-1, 1st).

– On the left of the surface, Capoue has plenty of time to center in the axis where Parejo emerges behind Rabiot’s back and shoots Szczesny with a recovery from the left at the penalty spot (1-1, 66th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Etienne Capoue (8/10)

Not expected as a starter due to recent physical glitches, the midfielder was well in the starting lineup and he made a big copy. Full of impact in the duels, the Frenchman rose in power over the game. He raked a lot of balloons and initiated several throws. Rewarded with his decisive pass on Parejo’s equalizing goal.


Gernimo Rulli (6): beaten from the start, the former Montpellier player had the merit of not sinking. The Argentinian goalkeeper made saving outings afterwards and then made a decisive save against Vlahovic at the end of the game.

Juan Marcos Foyth (5): fairly sober match from the right side, who rather closed his lane. Despite a few climbs, the Argentinian was quite discreet offensively.

Ral Albiol (4.5): overall in difficulty against Vlahovic, the central defender struggled with the power and speed of execution of the Serb, even if he managed to limit the breakage.

Pau Torres (5): an average part for the central defender, also caught on Vlahovic’s goal. The Spaniard didn’t make a big mistake but we expect a little more from him in this type of match.

Alfonso Pedraza (5.5): an interesting part for the left side, who hurt every time he took his lane, as on his slalom at the start of the game concluded by the post of Lo Celso. Replace 79th minute with P. Estupin (not not).

Samuel Chukwueze (6): a pity that his teammates favored the game on the left side, because the right attacking midfielder has several times put De Sciglio to the torture on his accelerations. The Nigerian could also have provoked Rabiot’s expulsion. Replace the 90th minute with Yeremi Pino (not not).

Etienne Capoue (8): read the comment above.

Daniel Parejo (6.5): not necessarily very prominent, whether in the game or on set pieces, Villarreal’s playmaker feels the blow and comes out of his box at the hour mark to save his team .

Alberto Moreno (5): the left midfielder displayed a big chest but his ability to strike was still limited. Replace 79th minute with Trigueros (no not).

Giovani Lo Celso (6): the attacking midfielder made a very interesting copy and he had this ability to stand out and play just in the box. The former Parisian only missed the last gesture, defeated by the post and then De Ligt. Little inspired on the other hand on his feint in the middle of the field which ends in the opening of the opposing score from the start of the game.

Danjuma (4): mixed match for the striker, defeated by Szczesny on his heel. Despite a few technical gestures that allowed him to make the difference, the Dutchman generally gave the impression of wanting to do too much. Replace the 90th minute with Boulaye Dia (not not).


Wojciech Szczesny (5.5): author of an important reflex save against Danjuma at the start of the game then vigilant in front of Moreno on the hour mark, the Polish goalkeeper can do nothing about the goal conceded.

Danilo (5): author of a superb opening for Vlahovic on the opener, the axial defender alternated the good and the less good this evening, with saving interventions and inspired raises on one side, but also several errors, including this failed tackle which led to Lo Celso’s post.

Matthijs De Ligt (5.5): imperial for an hour with an imposing presence in the area, numerous interceptions and spurts and an important save against Lo Celso before the break, the central defender then ruined everything. Even if he accused Rabiot, it is above all the Dutchman who drops Parejo’s mark on the opposing goal. A mistake pays cash…

Alex Sandro (5): new central defender and captain, the usual left-back did the job in the duels but displayed a certain laxity on the opposing incursions into the box. Replace the 46th minute with Leonardo Bonucci (6). Substitute at kickoff due to recent physical glitches, the central defender made a boss entry with a big presence in the duels, saving interventions and clean raises.

Juan Cuadrado (3): known for his percussion qualities and his formidable ball strike, the right piston gave a very sad performance. If his clean copy on the defensive plan saved his first period, on the other hand the Colombian then completely disappeared from the radars.

Manuel Locatelli (6.5): a real pointer in the Turin game, the midfielder reigned supreme for a long time with interceptions and passes, each more precise than the other. But the winner of the Euro had more difficulty at the end and he leaves Capua too much freedom on the fatal center. Replace the 71st minute with Arthur (not).

Adrien Rabiot (4.5): the midfielder played a sober but clean match for a long time. But the Frenchman has a share of responsibility because of his failing marking on the opposing goal and he stands out above all for a sole on Chukwueze’s knee which should have been worth a red in the 73rd minute.

Weston McKennie (6): in the legs, the midfielder showed a lot of play and often had the necessary backbone to make the difference. Twice defeated in the opposing box, the American however had more difficulty in the second period and he came out injured. Replace the 81st minute with Denis Zakaria (not not).

Mattia De Sciglio (4): Chukwueze gave life to an ordeal with the left piston as in this action where he overflows it at the start of the game before serving Danjuma. It’s a small miracle that the Spaniards did not insist on his side, even if the former Lyonnais showed a little more solidity after half an hour of play. Replaced in the 87th minute by Luca Pellegrini (not not).

Dusan Vlahovic (7): scorer just 32 seconds after his debut in the Champions League, the Juve striker showed clinical efficiency with a perfect sequence worthy of the greatest. The Serbian rookie weighed on the defense and forced Rulli into a decisive save on a superb inspiration late in the game. Very promising.

Alvaro Morata (4.5): aligned as a second striker, the Spaniard ran a lot and dzon. Not transcendent, but he filled his role with generosity. On the other hand, the attacker missed his rare opportunities in the opposing area.

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VILLARREAL 1-1 JUVENTUS TURIN (mid-time: 0-1) – CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – 1/8th finals
Stadium: Estadio de la Ceramica, Villarreal – Referee: Daniel Siebert, Germany

Goals : Dani Parejo (66th) for VILLARREAL – D. Vlahovic (1st) for JUVENTUS TURIN
Warnings : G. Rulli (73rd)for VILLARREAL – A. Rabiot (73rd)for JUVENTUS TURIN

VILLARREAL : G. RulliAlbiol, Paul TorresJ.Foyth, Alfonso Pedraza (P. Estupin, 79th)S. Chukwueze (Yeremi Pino, 90th), E. Capua, Dani Parejo, Alberto Moreno (Trigueros, 79th)G. Lo Celso, Danjuma (B. Dia, 90th)

JUVENTUS TURIN : W. Szczesnydanilo, Mr. de Ligt, Alex Sandro (L. Bonucci, 46th)J. Cuadrado, Mr. De Sciglio (Luca Pellegrini, 87th)W. McKennie (D. Zakaria, 81st), A.RabiotMr. Locatelli (Arthur, 71st)D.Vlahovic, Morata

Vlahovic opened the scoring after 32 seconds!

Lo Celso has pushed a lot.

Parejo ended up equalizing (1-1, 66th).

The Stade de la Cramique vibrated.


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