killer whales filmed in Normandy, good or bad news?

For several days, an orca has taken up residence between Honfleur and Tancarville. Seine pilots and fishermen were able to take photos and videos of the mammal. In April, another cetacean was seen in the English Channel. How to explain the presence of this animal in Normandy?

It is an impressive spectacle attended by several fishermen and boat pilots on the Seine but also in the Cotentin. Seine pilots had seen an orca going up the Seine earlier this week. This Wednesday, the skipper of the boat “La Macareux” managed to film the cetacean 4 to 5 meters long.

The animal had been seen on Monday in front of the Tancarville lighthouse but no one had managed to take a picture of it. Wednesday morning Christophe Carval, skipper of the boat Le Macareux and his mechanic Yann Lefaix managed to take photos and videos of the orca. He was hunting along the sea wall. In my entire career, this is the first time I’ve seen one, I’m quite used to seeing seals explains Christophe Carval.

The presence of seals in the Seine may explain the arrival of this killer whale. This incredible predator feeds mainly on meat from birds and seals. For the CHENE association of Allouville Belfosse, This discovery is rather good news : “We think it’s good because the seal has predators again. Is this an installation that will last? Will there be other orcs? In general, these mammals live in groups, so we can expect to see others soon. To my knowledge, there have already been sightings made, but I can’t tell you what year it goes back to. » says Laure Prévost, caretaker at CHENE

At the beginning of April, a fishing boat filmed an orca around Grandcamp-Maisy (Calvados). The owner of the boat Clément Thomas had filmed the meeting and shared it on his Facebook account. For about twenty minutes, the cetacean remained about a hundred meters from the boat.

Christophe Carval saw this video but according to him it would not be the same animal he filmed: ” Apparently according to the comments on the video shared on Facebook it would not be the same killer whale because the one in the Bay of Seine has the fin lying unlike that of the English Channel which would be more upright.

The observation of the dorsal fin allows to determine the sex of the mammal. In the male, it is larger and can measure up to 2 meters high. It has a triangular shape, with slightly pronounced curves. In the female, the fin is smaller and sickle-shaped. This means that it adopts the curved lines of a sickle.

Like all marine mammals, killer whales can be dangerous to humans. The Cotentin Cetacean Study Group (GECC) and the OBSenMER application allow sea professionals or boaters to share their observations of marine animals, to advance knowledge of the oceans. Do not hesitate to send your photos or videos if you soon come across an orca in Normandy.

According to Gérard Mauger, founder of the GECC, groups of killer whales are usually found in Scotland, Iceland, Norway or even in the Bay of Biscay. They could use the English Channel as a travel corridor between the North Sea and the Atlantic.

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