Kindu: SONAS summons users of motor vehicles to pay for insurance


The National Insurance Company (SONAS) summoned, Friday, February 8 in Kindu, capital of the province of Maniema, users of motor vehicles to pay insurance to comply with the law.

This summons comes after a long period of raising awareness about the merits of insurance.

The provincial director of SONAS, Viviane Bendera Nothia recalled that the payment of insurance is a legal obligation.

We have raised awareness and we want people to know the merits of insurance first but also, that they know that it is a constraint, they must not drive without insurance, whoever it is even me who speaks to you . When I make a call, so we’re already within the time limit. While the volunteers are rushing to come and take out insurance freely to avoid tugging here and there because it is not our concern to tug at each other, but to protect people from accidents because insurance is coverage, it is security “, she explained.

Viviane Bendera Nothia also asked the politico-administrative authorities to ensure the automobile transport of public services, even if it means SONAS has to grant them payment in installments.

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