KMC Advice on MADE IN SME, real estate loan broker health risk

KMC Conseils, through its manager Patrick CHRISTOPHE, is a mortgage loan insurance broker, specializing in aggravated health risks. Like many players in the Lyon Middle Market, he is joining the MADE IN PME trade show on April 24 for this first edition, which should bring together 5,000 managers and 500 exhibitors. In 3 questions, the reasons for this presence on MADE IN PME?

Why be present on Made In PME?

MADE IN PME is THE gathering of economic players from our beautiful Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. So it was obvious for me to participate in this festivity and thus, bring my stone to the building!

Moreover, as an exhibitor MADE IN PME is a great showcase for KMC CONSEILS in addition to being a catalyst. Making myself known to economic players in the region and thus helping the general public discover or rediscover my profession are my expectations of this show.

Why choose to invest in the first edition of an event like Made In PME?

This happened naturally, I get along very well with Mathilde DAKHOUCHE who is in charge of corporate relations at the CPME du Rhône. Also a great skill. When she asked me to participate in this strong news from our region, I immediately accepted. Made In and KMC TIPS have one thing in common: it’s our 1er living room and being able to do it together appealed to me. Moreover, it is always good to be part of an adventure at the beginning, it forges and welds bonds, Made In and Kmc Conseils will become a great love story.

What is the promise of an insurance broker like KMC CONSEILS at a show like Made IN?

In addition to bringing my smile, my energy and my friendliness, it’s being able to interact with the visitors of my stand H5. Discuss with me, break down the barriers of the traditional insurer! Share my experience, exchange, drop ideas receivedexplain and make known this profession of loan insurance broker specializing in aggravated health risk.

A loan insurance broker specializing in aggravated health risk? Explanations


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