Kraft Heinz builds data analytics platform on Google Cloud

The American agribusiness giant Kraft Heinz has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud to use its BigQuery cloud platform in particular. Objective: to accelerate product innovations and personalize the customer experience.

Due to changing consumer behavior – not to mention the health crisis (lockdowns, supply problems, lack of staff, etc.) – the American distribution giant Kraft Heinz is in a bad patch. After having merged its American and Canadian activities and created a brand new position of Director of Strategy and Transformation, all means are good to turn the activity around and optimize its internal processes. And logically, information systems are part of it.

The Kraft Heinz group first carried out a vast data hub project with Snowflake Data Cloud under Microsoft Azure to replace its on-premise Hadoop platform to arm its data-driven strategy in 2019. It is now setting up a complementary platform with the help from Google. Called Kraft-O-Matic, it should help the company process information boosted by machine learning and artificial intelligence to take product innovation to the next level, better personalize the customer experience and strengthen commercial operations. In order to carry out its projects, the heavyweight in the distribution of consumer goods relies in particular on agile methods.

Predictive analytics to accelerate decision-making

The multi-year contract signed with Google Cloud includes its BigQuery large-scale data analytics platform. Kraft Heinz intends to analyze food trends, anticipate purchasing behavior and consumer demands. By offering personalized products on a large scale, Kraft Heinz hopes in particular to succeed in building customer loyalty. “Google Cloud’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning helps brands leverage predictive analytics and data-driven insights to make better decisions in seconds,” said Giusy Buonfantino. , vice president of consumer goods at Google Cloud.

Kraft Heinz also plans to expand its relationship with Google to improve its media performance as consumer privacy regulations increase. Recently, the use of Google Ads has enabled the group to very significantly increase the view rates of its advertising campaigns and reduce their cost per thousand (CPM) over one year.

Among its other IT projects, Kraft Heinz has also embarked on a modernization of its security around four pillars: visibility, team structure, innovation and life cycle. Recently presented by the group’s CISO, this radical transformation was based on agile methods.

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