Kurt Zouma (West Ham) pleads guilty to abusing his cat

This Tuesday, Kurt Zouma pleaded guilty to having mistreated his cat in British justice, after the broadcast of a video which had provoked indignant reactions. His brother Yoan, 24, had filmed and shared a video of the 27-year-old West Ham player kicking and slapping his cat.

The latter, prosecuted for complicity in facts dating back to February 6, also appeared on Tuesday morning before the court of Thames Magistrates, in east London, and admitted to having “aided, abetted, counseled or instigated his older brother to commit an offense“.

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West Ham defender Kurt Zouma.

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The player’s two cats have since been handed over to animal welfare society RSPCA, which had launched proceedings to have Kurt and Yoan Zouma prosecuted under animal welfare legislation. The London club had not suspended their player and had even made him play a match the evening of the revelation of the affair, provoking a huge wave of protest.

The former St├ęphanois had finally been fined nearly 300,000 euros, the highest possible, imposed by his club and the sports equipment manufacturer Adidas had broken a sponsorship contract with the player. West Ham had assured that, according to the information available to the club, the cats have “suffered no physical injury“. The club then assured that the financial penalty imposed on the player had been donated to animal protection associations. (With AFP)

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Zouma summoned by British justice for having mistreated his cat


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