Labor law. The role of labor lawyers for companies and individuals

Whether to defend you or guide you, the lawyer is a real right arm. Employees or employers, the work environment sometimes confronts you with certain situations where it is not uncommon to need its valuable advice.

What is labor law?

According to French law, labor law is a sector of social law which is defined by all the legal rules applicable to relations between private employers and employees, on the occasion of work. Labor law organizes the professional working relationships between the employer and the employee individually, and the collective of employees..

Thus, labor law covers many areas such as the employment contract, remuneration, working time, leave, discipline, employment, training, safety and health at work, collective bargaining, strike, or staff representation. Labor law is a specialized and complex specialty; and it is above all a branch in constant evolution. This is why having recourse to an expert remains the best solution.

When should you hire a labor law attorney?

Moral harassment, unfair dismissal, late payment of wages, accident at work, unlike a generalist lawyer, the labor lawyer masters all aspects of a company and the laws to which it is subject. It is therefore aimed at both individuals and companies in the context of a dispute, for example.

The labor lawyer can also intervene with an employer on a recurring or occasional basis, to support him in the legal management of his company: recruitment, promotion or sanction, internal regulations, an employment contract, a litigation…

What is his role ?

As in all specificities, the labor law lawyer is there to defend, advise and guide his client on the various procedures as well as on the laws governed by the Labor Code, in order to find the fairest solutions. Thanks to his analysis and his solid knowledge of contract law, business law or tax law, he can therefore precisely determine all the steps to follow from amicable negotiation to trial.

Choose a good lawyer to defend yourself

The choice of a good lawyer stems first of all from a relationship of trust, but also from the skills he has in his discipline. Although word of mouth is the best way, today there are various ways to find a lawyer specializing in employment law, especially through the internet. All the Bars in France provide an online directory listing lawyers nearby.

Another solution, get closer to a recognized firm like NovLaw. Located a stone’s throw from the Lyon court (69003), this firm in labor law and social law benefits from real expertise as well as a wide range of services suitable for individuals and professionals: drafting of employment contracts, social and economic committee, support in human resources, social audit, mediation, etc. NovLaw offers an innovative approach to law through the implementation of videoconference consultation.

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