A petition has just been submitted to the town hall of Labruguière by a few members of a collective who would like to see the creation of a dog park on the outskirts of the En Laure estate.

More than 120 signatures were collected by this collective created in mid-March. The wish: to obtain a closed space where the dogs could be freed from their leash to frolic without disturbing anyone. The dog would of course remain under the supervision and responsibility of his master, who must be present.

The collective highlights the various advantages of a dog park: “The socialization of the dog associated with sport and games, but also human encounters which would also allow social diversity and conviviality, respect and security, principle of equality of citizens and reducing dog feces on sidewalks and busy areas.”

A development project has also been submitted in addition to the petition. The latter “could have an area of ​​2,500 m2. Fenced at a height of 1.50 m, it would include an entrance airlock and could make it possible to separate large dogs from small ones. Pocket distributors for droppings, garbage cans, benches or tree trunks on the ground, trees and agility games” are offered in this well-crafted project.

All that remains is to wait for a response that the signatories hope will be positive.