Landes: hunters relieved by the end of the wild boar hunt “We can’t take it anymore”

At a time when some presidential candidates want to reduce certain hunting days in France, some hunters are tired of the work that the overpopulation of wild boars imposes on them. This proves once again how much the actions of hunters are not only essential for the regularization of certain species but also how intense they are. Hunting thus loses its qualities of leisure and pleasure.

While the wild boar hunt ended this Thursday, March 31 in the Landes, one would have imagined that the hunters were already getting impatient with the new season to come, but that’s not really the case… They are even relieved of this “break” because this hunt has become almost trying…

“The end of the boar hunt? We were impatiently waiting for it! We push a big “phew” of relief, confides Stéphane Labrouche, president of the ACCA of Vielle-Tursan (Landes). Started in June 2021, the wild boar hunting season ended last Thursday. The constantly increasing number of wild boars in the Landes has repercussions on the actions of hunters. Around 20,000 wild boars are taken from the Landes each season. ” We can’t take it anymore. We must hunt more to protect crops and avoid accidents. At the same time, we must pay to reimburse the damage of the boars. It’s almost full-time work for some, except it’s unpaid,” notes the president of the hunting association. It evokes constant pressure and stress.

Volunteers less and less present and compensation which is more and more expensive for associations, according to Stéphane Labrouche. “They are tired of always being singled out by anti-hunting people. During a beat, we are always honked, insulted on the side of the road. It has become unlivable in some places,” he says.

In the Landes, hunters say they are relieved to be able to take a four-month break. Until the next wild boar hunt opens, the wolf hunters will ensure the hunts, which are less numerous during the summer period.

Stéphane Labrouche for his part is in no hurry to start a new season. ” Hunting is no longer a hobby. It has become too complicated, too many responsibilities are on our shoulders. We should at least be relieved of the obligation to compensate farmers“, he concludes.

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