last hours in Beijing, follow the closing ceremony live


Welcome to this live dedicated to the XXIVare Winter Olympics, which take place in Beijing.

What is it about ? From sixteenth and final official day of competition during which the last five Olympic titles will be awarded: in Alpine skiing with the parallel by mixed teams from 2 hours, in curling with the women’s final Japan – Great Britain (2 h 05), in bobsled in the four-man event from 2:30 a.m., in cross-country skiing with the women’s 30 kilometer free mass start at 4 o’clock, and then the men’s final of ice Hockey, from 5:10 a.m., between Finland and Russia. Without forgetting, of course, the closing ceremony from 1 p.m.

What will we follow? The chances of medals of the stars of alpine skiing blue, white, red in parallel by mixed teams with Alexis Pinturault, Tessa Worley, Mathieu Faivre, Coralie Frasse Sombet, Clara Direz and Thibaut Favrot. In bobsleigh, Romain Heinrich, Lionel Lefebvre, Dorian Hauterville and Jerome Laporal during the four-man test, and Delphine Claudel, Coralie Bentz and Flora Dolci during the 30 kilometer free cross-country ski.

Or ? In China.

When ? Sunday, February 20, from 2 a.m.

On which channels? France Televisions and Eurosport.

Who hosts this live? The Los Angeles office to begin with, then, from 7 a.m., the Austerlitz chalet.

What won’t we talk about? From the reopening of nightclubs in a context where the sense of celebration seems damaged.

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