Laura Smet, disappointment for her lawyer, “scammed” by Bernard Tapie, the truth comes out

Discreet for months, and perhaps pregnant with her second child, Laura Smet was defended during her conflict with her mother-in-law by, master Hervé Temime, supposed to have been scammed by Bernard Tapie. Paris Match says more.

The man of me is the ex of Valérie Lemercier. They would have remained together for seven years.

In addition to being the lawyer of Patrick Bruel and Laura Smet, master Hervé Temime was that of Bernard Tapie, or even Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Roman Polanski”.

And according to Paris Match, he would not have been paid by Bernard Tapie, whom he defended for many years.
The late businessman who died of generalized cancer “no longer paid his lawyers but promised them, in the long term, a jackpot and a “thunderous ad” as if they were not big names in the bar”.

“I manage”, repeated that which the widow would be grappling with very big financial difficulties.

During the lifetime of the father of her children, the one who was immortalized on a walk with her dog, took care of daily life, the family, the animals “which she ended up finding less twisted than humans”.
To keep in shape at over 70, she continued to dance.

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