Laurent Kennes, policeman’s lawyer: “I hope we will continue to defend Mawda’s memory”

Laurent Kennes, the lawyer for the policeman who accidentally killed little Mawda in 2018, publishes a book on the case. A dive into the life of his client, but also into that of the 27 migrants crammed into the fatal van.

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VSt was on the night of May 16 to 17, 2018. A van was chased on a highway near Mons. From his police vehicle, Victor pulls out his service weapon to try to stop the mad rush. He shoots. At the front of the vehicle, little Mawda, 2 years old, was fatally injured. In November 2021, this policeman was given a 10-month suspended prison sentence. His lawyer, Laurent Kennes, publishes today The Mawda Trial, which takes up the whole affair chronologically. Another vision of this news item that has shaken the country.

How did the idea to write this book come about?

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