Lawyer Alex Ursulet indicted for rape

After the disciplinary sanction, criminal proceedings. At the end of 2019, the lawyer Alex Ursulet had been struck off by the Disciplinary Council of the Paris Bar – the criminal lawyer challenges this decision and the Paris Court of Appeal will rule on the subject on January 20, 2022. Thursday December 9, Mand Ursulet, 64, was indicted for “rape by a person in authority”, learned The worldconfirming information from Mediapart.

The legal troubles of the one who was the counsel of the serial killer Guy Georges and the former minister and mayor of Grenoble Alain Carignon date back to September 25, 2019. That day, a young lawyer filed a complaint against the criminal lawyer, she denounced acts of rape and sexual harassment.

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According to the complainant’s account, the facts date from January 30, 2018, when she was on an internship with Mand Ursulet. The criminal would have, during a lunch at the restaurant, questioned about his sexual practices, she says. Before, on their return to the lawyer’s office, kissing her, lifting her dress, lowering her panties and penetrating her with her fingers several times. Unable to return to work the next day, the young woman resigns by e-mail. Mand Ursulet has always disputed these accusations.

Heard in police custody in June 2020, the lawyer came out of it under the status of assisted witness. He assures that it was he who wanted to put an end to the internship agreement of the young woman, who would have wanted revenge. Having appealed his radiation, he still exercises today.

“Manipulation, domination, harassment”

The disciplinary council of the Paris bar, after more than seven months of investigation in 2019, had not been convinced by the arguments of Mand Uruslet, noting that “all his attempts at explanations were denied both by the witnesses heard, even when they were exculpatory (…)than by the documents in the file”.

In its judgment of December 31, 2019, the court considered that the lawyer, who was also the author of dubious text messages sent to the young woman, had breached the principles of his profession and “adopted inappropriate behavior vis-à-vis a trainee, which manifested itself in manipulation, domination, harassment, for the purpose of carrying out acts of a sexual nature serious enough not to be disclosed by Ms. .Alex Ursulet but masked by incoherent and misleading remarks”.

Contacted by The worldMand Thibault Laforcade, defender of the plaintiff, sees in this indictment “the logically expected sequel in this file”. “Nothing justifies this indictment”believes, on the other hand, Mand Marie Burguburu, counsel for the criminal lawyer, cited by Mediapart. “The advantageshe adds, it is that it gives the defense of Alex Ursulet rights that it did not have before under the status of assisted witness. »

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