Lawyer Juan Branco under investigation for rape

Juan Branco, ephemeral and sulphurous lawyer for the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski who unveiled sextapes of the former candidate for mayor of Paris Benjamin Griveaux in early 2020, is in the sights of justice. He is now concerned by an investigation for “rape” after his meeting with a 20-year-old young woman, revealed “Le Parisien” this Friday, April 30.

Juan Branco or the secret story of an obsession

This one would have, according to the daily newspaper, deposited a handrail Thursday at the police station of the 14and district of Paris. His statements led the prosecution to entrust an investigation for “rape” to the 1and DPJ report our colleagues.

The sequel after the ad

Consent ?

According to the first elements reported by “le Parisien” and confirmed by Juan Branco, the young woman and the 31-year-old lawyer would have exchanged messages on Instagram.

Juan Branco gives his version of the rest of their meeting on his Facebook page, in a long text published this Friday. He recounts a walk in Paris, a film watched in his apartment. Then a sexual relationship.

On Tuesday, I met a young woman, who had written to me on Instagram, with whom we spent the afternoon in…

Posted by Juan Branco on Friday, April 30, 2021

Juan Branco explained on his Facebook account

“At one point, I asked her if she wanted to, and she said yes, and we did what two people in these circumstances would do,” thus claiming that she was consenting and denying the charges against him.

The sequel after the ad

Already in the sights of justice

The next day he writes “that she came back to see me, she was cold and troubled. She told me that it had gone too fast, that it had never happened to her, that usually it was she who was enterprising, and that I had not been. She started drawing comparisons that hurt me”.

“She then told me that she had gone to the police. That she had put down a handrail, because two friends she had spoken to had suggested it to her”, he continues. According to Juan Branco’s lawyer contacted by France Info this Friday, the young woman announced that she was going to retract. However, a retraction does not prevent the prosecution from initiating proceedings, the news channel said.

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In addition, Juan Branco is already targeted by several investigations. Since January 17, he has been placed under the status of witness assisted by the investigating judges in the Benjamin Griveaux case.

A year later, what has become of the protagonists of the Griveaux affair?

He is also the subject of disciplinary proceedings before the Paris Bar Association for ” default “. This procedure was initiated against the behavior of the lawyer in the same case.

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