lawyer Marianne Bleitrach calls for legal action against Éric Zemmour and his comments on disabled children

These allegations about children with disabilities outraged her. Me Marianne Bleitrach, a lawyer from Lens, herself deprived of her mobility, has just reported, to the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office, the remarks, to say the least controversial, of Eric Zemmour, in a substantiated file.

“I received his words in the face”explains Me Marianne Bleitrach, recalling the filmed intervention of Eric Zemmour, the previous week. “I was furious and sad at the same time. It’s abominable, these remarks… And I said to myself, no question of letting that pass!”.

So with her husband, Jean-Bernard Geoffroy, also a lawyer specializing in discrimination issues, the Lensoise lawyer decided to report these remarks to justice. Words that touched him particularly. Me Marianne Bleitrach has been deprived of her mobility since her earliest childhood and did all her schooling in public education. “In primary school, I always stayed in the same class”she recalls, “it was accessible, on the ground floor. The other kids had called it the Marianne class… I couldn’t go to recess, a teacher or a friend stayed with me. Also in high school, the children even fought for stay with me during recess, especially in winter”she adds with humor.

Today, this renowned lawyer with a rich career (Me Marianne Bleitrach defended the civil party in the Flactif case, this family from Pas-de-Calais who disappeared in Grand Bornand, in 2011, she represented the relatives of Laurence Maille , killed by her companion John Szablewski. Finally, the previous year, she had also won against the State, after a long battle to have the inaccessibility of courts recognized for people with disabilities) tackles the obsession with the inclusion of Zemmour candidate.

“The exclusion of anyone who is not in the norm is part of his ideology. It brings to mind sad moments in our history. While everyone wants the inclusion of children with disabilities, Éric Zemmour does not don’t realize that it’s a wealth for the able-bodied to learn to live with other people who are not like them. He doesn’t want us to learn to live with someone different from himself”.

The ball is in the court of the Parquet de Paris. Who will have to decide from the file supported by the two Lensoise lawyers if there is matter to prosecute. Me Marianne Bleitrach hopes that associations will join her in her action.

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