Lawyer Olivier Martins and the Mallaci face justice!

The DH learns that a new hearing is scheduled for May 17 before the Brussels indictment chamber in the incredible case of the two million euro escape attempt by the Franco-Moroccan drug baron, Mohammed Benabdelhak . Defended by the criminal lawyer Nathalie Gallant, the one nicknamed in the criminal world the bombé, will appear alongside the lawyer Olivier Martins, defended in particular by Me Mayence, the French lawyer Rajae Izem, defended by Me De Beco, as well than the Mallaci, father and son. Luigi, the father, a famous restaurateur, will be defended by criminal lawyer Sven Mary. David Mallaci, his son, will no longer be represented by lawyer Ofelia Avagian.

And for good reason: another case of arbitrary detention and intentional assault and battery against spouse links the accused David Mallaci and the one who was his counsel and apparently his girlfriend. Case of alleged kidnapping against the Brussels lawyer, in which David Mallaci was imprisoned for two weeks last March before being released on bail of 50,000 euros.

But let’s get back to this new episode scheduled for next Tuesday before the indictment chamber.

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