Lawyers attack the health pass at the Constitutional Council on behalf of “50,000 citizens”

“Unconstitutionality”, “attacks on individual freedoms”… in a press release, the collective of lawyers DejaVu protests against the extension of the use of the health pass and explains that it filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council on Monday August 2. to expose its unconstitutionality. More than 50,000 citizens are represented by these lawyers, their first names and initials being accessible in a document posted on the collective’s website, The lawyers behind the appeal hope to see the Constitutional Council annul the law, or at least challenge it “strongly”. While the Elders of rue Montpensier must give their opinion on the question on August 5 and the law should come into force on August 9, the deadline for taking the document into account seems short.

“We have agreed on a schedule with the registry of the Constitutional Council, assures Arnaud Durand, lawyer at the Paris Bar and founder of the DejaVu collective at Capital. The appeal was delivered on time and I was assured that it would be forwarded to the members of the Board.” In the past, the legal professional had also ordered Enedis not to install any Linky meter at an electrosensitive customer. For the Elders to consult the appeal filed, the lawyer relies on the argument of numbers: “More than 50,000 people have signed it. We can expect a legal war if it is not taken into account and the law is validated or not challenged enough.” Contacted by Capital, the Council of Elders assured that the document would be “read very carefully”.

In the event that the Council’s decision would be disappointing for them, the collective anticipates “numerous collective actions before the courts”, in particular concerning the risk for certain professions of seeing the payment of their wages stopped or of losing their jobs in the event of refusal to be vaccinated. “The vaccines have not received final marketing authorization, argues Arnaud Durand. It therefore poses a real legal problem to subject employees to the acceptance of these pharmaceutical products”.

It should be remembered that if so-called “conditional” marketing authorizations have been issued by the European Commission for vaccines, it is only because “the benefits of the immediate availability of the drug outweigh the risk inherent in the fact that all the data is not yet available”, recalls the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) on its site.

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