Lawyers from the Toulouse and Montpellier bars coordinate for the first time in Sète

Their Councils of the Order met and worked on a common agenda, Friday April 1, in the town hall of Sète.

A first ! Friday, April 1, the bars of Montpellier and Toulouse met their councils of the Order in a common way, in the town hall of Sète. They also jointly signed the charter of fundamental principles on access to justice for women victims of violence.

This desire to work together translated into concrete actions is a novelty for these bars of 1,800 lawyers on the Toulouse side and 1,200 on the Montpellier side (4th and 7th in France). Their objective being to “making the dialogue with the Region collective” and to build common solutions to problems that are just as important.

The lawyers met in the room which usually receives municipal councils.

The lawyers met in the room which usually receives municipal councils.
Noon Free – Caroline Froelig

“We are on a perimeter of law which is disputed by a certain number of professions, even though, in my opinion, we are the most relevant. Except that from the moment when we are not on the budgetary scale , which is now that of the State or the Regions, and no longer of the Departments, well we don’t exist. So either we decide to carry out joint actions together within the scope of public policies, or we don’t. , and in which case we will be directly in competition with or below those who have already implemented these actions, namely accountants, bailiffs, notaries.specifies The Toulouse president, Pierre Dunac.

Share broadly and effectively

Toulouse and Montpellier decide to play the pooling card and look “beyond our small perimeters. We are very complementary and have to offer real skills! We will be much more efficient working together than working alone, each in their own corner or against each other.” With what concrete applications? Nicolas Bedel de Buzareingues, President of the Montpellier Bar, explains: “This pooling of services is for the benefit of litigants. We pool by signing the charter, we are setting up joint commissions that go in the direction of more efficiency for justice and users of justice”.

And they intend to continue this momentum. “We are going to institutionalize and perpetuate” indicate the two presidents, who promise at least one annual meeting and “daily work”. Pierre Dunac continuing: “The idea being to create an inter-bar commission that links all the actions that we can carry out together. And there, we have no limits. We can be sure of the training of criminal permanent officers, on more exploratory missions internationally, on how we will assist in a commercial court.”

A rapprochement decided in Lebanon, carried out in Sète

It was in Lebanon that the decision to work together between the bars of Montpellier and Toulouse was born. Thanks to a mission initiated by the Montpellier president, Nicolas Bedel de Buzareingues. “We compared our ideas, our visions of the profession and the need quickly became obvious to us that we should be able to put together a certain number of actions”, recalls Pierre DUnac, president of Toulouse. “It’s quite symbolic, it was in Lebanon that this joint meeting in Sète was decided. For our region, it is the city open to the Mediterranean”. Without forgetting another wink, slips Nicolas Bedel, at the “Canal Paul-Riquet”.

The two men conclude: “And there is no ego, just a will to work”. All without calling into question the organization of the profession. “What we put in place together does not encroach on the prerogatives of local bars. No one is going to go and manage local difficulties in Béziers, Foix or Albi. These bars are essential. Our idea is to pool together to to be at the same level as other professions and above all to be relevant interlocutors at the regional level”.

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