lawyers tell how much Robert Badinter’s speech marked them



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H. Huet, E. Martin, P. Crapoulet, V. Lejeune – franceinfo

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Robert Badinter wanted to write every line of his speech. 40 years ago, Fran├žois Mitterrand’s Minister of Justice argued for the abolition of the death penalty, convincing MPs and becoming a source of inspiration for generations of lawyers.

The manuscript of Robert Badinter’s speech against the death penalty is on display at the Arsenal library in Paris. Among the visitors to the exhibition to be seen until December 12, 2021 in Paris, at the Arsenal Library, Me Ibrahim Shalabi. “As a young student, I had fun repeating his speech behind him. It’s an exceptional speech that still thrills us today”says the lawyer.

“What struck me the most in this speech, beyond the obvious eloquence, was his voice, it was the emotion of his voice“, testifies Me Louis Heloun. By writing his plea alone, Robert Badinter knows that he is working for history: “I knew that this speech should remain simply so that people know what were my convictions as a man.” Aged 93 today, Fran├žois Mitterrand’s former Keeper of the Seals left his mark on justice and inspired countless lawyers.

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