Lawyers wanted for the Tivi!


Yves Thériault, content producer and screenwriter. Sources: LinkedIn and Shutterstock

Did you like The Arbitrator and Behind the scenes at the Palace? Do you dream of participating in such a show?

The producer Yves Theriaultto whom we owe these two shows, returns to the charge with a new version of the popular shows of courtroom showthis autumn.

“It will be in the same vein as L’Arbitre, where litigants come to plead their case in front of the camera, and must convince a bench of three judges of their claims”, explains Yves Thériault.

Behind the scenes of a deliberation

Except that for this new series, whose title remains to be determined, “we will follow the deliberations of the panel of three judges”, he continues. This is the innovative element of this new series that will distinguish it from what we find on the air here and elsewhere.

The first 24 episodes will be broadcast this fall on Noovo, according to information obtained by Droit-Inc. Noovo, under its former name of the V network, acquired by Bell Media in 2021, was the broadcaster of L’Arbitre.

The formula of the three judges who will hear the parties lends itself well to the deliberation sessions that will feed each episode.

Arbitration Agreement

To participate in the program, the parties must agree to submit to an arbitration agreement, as was the case for L’Arbitre. Under the Civil Code of Quebec, decisions rendered by an arbitrator—or, in this specific case, by a panel of three arbitrators—are binding and without appeal.

Costs are capped at $5,000.

“We are currently casting, and we are looking for lawyers who will be the arbiters of the cases. Yves Thériault explains that he is looking for members of the Bar who have “knowledge” and who will offer good television moments. “We want to bring together a panel that well represents the diversity of Quebec, but we also want personalities who will complement each other well. »

The idea is to have characters who reflect aspects of the law: a defender of widows and orphans, an intellectual, a good father… “It will be two women and a man, or the opposite, will depend on the cast. »

Access to justice

Beyond the show, such programs allow litigants to have access to legal services, recalls Yves Thériault. “These are often people who are at their wit’s end, who don’t have the means to start proceedings, or for whom the delays in small claims court are too long to be worth it. »

The average waiting time for a file to be settled before this body would be 2 to 3 years, depending on the district, observes Yves Thériault. “Furthermore, one in three people who obtain a small claims judgment cannot enforce it because the other party is not solvent. »

Fines paid on the spot

The costs and fines of the parties who will bring their disputes before the cameras will thus be covered by the production. “The winning party will be paid on the spot by the production, and the defendant, if he loses, will have nothing to pay. » The arbitration judgments thus executed will serve as a stamp for the participants.

Usually, it will be the party wishing to register an appeal who contacts the production. The researchers – Yves Thériault is recruiting two of them, whom he hopes will be graduates in law – evaluate the file, and obtain the agreement of the other party, then everyone goes to arbitration.

“We are looking for diversified files: disputes over contracts, neighbors, labor relations”, in short, something other than a dog biting another.

Yves Thériault has already filmed in the Bordeaux prison, was the designer of the program L’Arbitre and producer of Les Coulisses du Palais, in addition to having written a remarkable essay, in the 2000s, on the flaws in the system. of parole, Everybody out!


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