Lawyers worried about the threat to professional secrecy demonstrate in Orléans

Like all of their colleagues, everywhere in France, the lawyers of the Orleans bar have expressed their concernTuesday, November 16 in the early afternoon, on the steps of the courthouse.

The fears emitted by the black dresses are linked to the content of the bill for confidence in the judiciary. And, more specifically, in Article 3 of the text, which provides for a partial questioning of professional secrecy. Maintained as part of the defense of their clients, this secrecy could be lifted in terms of advice.

This controversial measure is resulting from an amendment adopted in a mixed parity committee, made up of seven deputies and seven senators.

In Orléans, lawyers in turn throw their robes on the ground, in the courthouse’s hall (January 13, 2020)

The deletion of article 3

The problem, as recalled by Me Andréanne Sacaze, president of Orléans, is that “only a government amendment is likely to come back to this text”.

The evening before, the National Bar Council opted for a pure and simple withdrawal of the contentious article 3. “In which case, we will submit to the rules of the European Court of Human Rights, which will be our protector,” added Me Sacaze.

This speech came at the very moment when the vote of the law was under discussion, without us knowing what positioning would then adopt the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti, himself a former lawyer.

Philippe Renaud


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