LdC: Alonzo does not believe in Real

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Manhandled by Paris Saint-Germain (0-1, 3-1) and Chelsea (3-1, 2-3 ap), Real Madrid still managed to qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League . However, Jérôme Alonzo believes that the Spanish club will not be able to win the competition without executives, especially Karim Benzema, at a stratospheric level.

“If Real Madrid can win the Champions League thanks to Karim Benzema? For me, Real Madrid can win the Champions League. But you need a Luka Modric at the level of his assist on Tuesday, you need a Casemiro of the level from what we have seen for several months, it takes a great Thibaut Courtois. So I answer no because the prism of Karim Benzema alone against everyone, we have clearly seen collectively that against Chelsea… His exploit against Paris Saint- Germain? We would have to do it again in the half and in the final, “said the consultant for The L’Equipe channel.

Next obstacle for Real: Manchester City.

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