Leeds: Marcelo Bielsa assures that the concussion protocol was respected in the Robin Koch case


“We did everything according to protocol. I was convinced it was just bleeding from the cut. This was the first conclusion after reviewing the player, exposed the Argentine technician. When he showed other symptoms, he was replaced. The decision to replace him or not depends on the medical examination carried out with the player when he takes this type of blow.

Bielsa didn’t want to abuse the rules

The technician also justified himself by explaining that he did not want to abuse the experimental rules adopted in the Premier League allowing the permanent replacement of one player per team in the event of a suspicious shock, apart from the rule of five maximum substitutions: “I stayed with the initial idea, with the absurd thought of not wanting to abuse the rules. The prevention of blows to the head of players is to be taken seriously. This can generate real drama. But it is also true that one should not dramatize situations which do not deserve to be interpreted in the way in which this situation was interpreted.

The rule of additional replacement in the event of suspected concussion has been implemented in several Championships, including Ligue 1, as part of an experiment launched in 2020 by the International Board (IFAB).


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