legal trouble for the mistress

In a statement to SNRT news, Youssef Rharib announced his decision to file a complaint and sue the young woman who published a video in which we see her encouraging her dog to kill the kitten in Fez. This decision follows numerous calls from Moroccan Internet users to prosecute this woman. But restoring justice in such a case means remedying a “legal handicap”, notes the lawyer. “Apart from a few articles, which in fact protect the interests of human ‘owners’, there really are no laws or punishments adapted to the seriousness of the crimes committed every day against powerless beings,” he argues.

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With this legal lack, Youssef Rharib relies on an in-depth study. It is a question of determining the circumstances of the incident, identifying the best way to approach the case and developing a legal structure for the case. “The file consists of two parts,” he explains. “We find in the Penal Code articles from 601 to 603. They provide for a maximum fine of 1,200 DH”, he specifies. According to the man of law, the provisions of these articles remain however limited, because they protect the interests of human owners, and do not make the animal the subject who is truly protected.

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Youssef Rharib then intends to base his argument on the international declaration of animal rights. Article 3 of this text stipulates in its third article that “no animal must be subjected to ill-treatment or cruel acts” and that “the dead animal must be treated with decency”, as well as on other legal aspects.

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