Less intrusive and stressful, Google wants to reinvent notifications

Google is currently experimenting with a new notification system. Dubbed “Little Signals,” the concept replaces typical audible alerts with more discreet signals such as shadow play, soft tapping, visual indicators and even air blasts.

Google has created six prototypes that mimic everyday objects such as the hands of a clock or the whistle of a kettle. It’s what Google calls ambient computing, which appeals to the senses in more subtle and nuanced ways. One of the prototypes is an oscillating arm that taps against the glass of a medicine bottle, indicating to the person that it is time to take their prescription. Another model that looks like a small connected speaker will diffuse a jet of air towards the foliage of an indoor plant in order to gently attract the attention of the nearby user. It is indeed subtle and much more discreet than a ringtone.

But for the moment, it is only an experiment and nothing indicates if and when it could materialize in connected equipment signed Google.

CNET.com article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Google

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