LIDL hits hard and pampers animals for less than 20 euros with a revolutionary product.

LIDL has decided to pamper the animals a bit and put them in the spotlight in its catalog. Cat owners may well fall for the hanging chair for less than 20 euros.

LIDL has successfully established itself in France and attracts customers with its attractive offers. The German brand is committed to helping households by offering them food products and everyday items at low prices. Easter chocolates, hand vacuum cleaner, mini greenhouse, the brand pleases the whole family with its attractive offers.

LIDL puts animals in the spotlight, especially cats

Nevertheless, in its new catalog, LIDL has chosen to honor pets. In addition to the raincoat for dogs, the brand offers a super aesthetic hanging chair for cats. Small cats, who love to climb everywhere, will be happy to be able to sleep up high and have an unobstructed view of their habitat.


Very sensitive and known to look like a psychopath, the furball could make this hanging chair his new cozy nest. He will have a space just for him and will feel privileged and safe there. In addition, the mustache will be comfortable since the chair contains a small cushion. Enough to purr and sleep for long hours during your absence!

A chair at a very low price

While pet accessories are usually expensive in pet stores, LIDL is quite affordable. The hard discounter offers this hanging chair at only 17€99. A price that will allow households not to ruin themselves to please their hairballs. In addition, dog owners can also fall for another pretty basket sold at the same price.

cat hanging chair

In addition to the hanging chair, cat lovers could also be tempted by the brushes and/or combs for pets at 2€99. These accessories are perfect for long or short haired cats. Then, LIDL also sells a litter box with mat for only 9€99. Cats will be able to relieve themselves in peace without putting litter everywhere!

All of these pet accessories are available from April 21. However, loyal LIDL customers will have to get up early for a chance to buy the rocking chair. Indeed, it is offered within the limits of available stocks.

Cats have a super power, but which one?

Our friends the cats have a super power! Saho Tagaki, a researcher from the University of Tokyo has just proven that your cat is interested in you, and not just when it needs kibble.

The researcher discovered that he was able to know where you are, at all times, in the house, even if he does not see you.

Tagaki had the intuition that cats, with their very mobile little ears, must think of many things from the sounds of their environment. With his team, he therefore carried out a fun experiment: he recorded the voice of a person calling his cat.


He first broadcast the sound near the cat, then from several places, as if the master instantly moved from room to room.

Not without humor, they called the experience teleportation. And they noticed that the cat was very surprised, as a human would be, to hear the sound.

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