Ligue 2: Paris FC, hooked by Dijon, still loses points in the race for the climb

Paris FC carried out a very bad operation this Monday evening in the race for the direct rise in Ligue 1. Hooked by Dijon after a match with twists and turns (2-2), the formation of Thierry Laurey now remains on four meetings without a win and now she is relegated to four units from AC Ajaccio (2nd), dolphin of the untouchable TFC.

Logically led at the break on a cold-blooded achievement by Aurélien Scheidler (0-1, 27th), already threatening from a free kick (16th), the PFC nevertheless believed they had done the hardest part thanks to Julien Lopez. In less than ten minutes, the big brother of the former Marseillais Maxime beat Baptiste Reynet twice, first with a strike from the right after a good collective action (1-1, 56th) then with a new shot perfectly placed right (2-1, 64th).

Dijon, a role of referee to play

But the DFCO stuck to the mark on a free kick from Jacob. Full axis – and at the limit of offside -, Scheidler missed his header but the ball reached Philippoteaux, already decisive passer on the first goal, whose recovery under the bar hurt the PFC very badly (2-2 , 72nd).

If the Burgundian club can regret having taken time to launch its season, it will have a role of referee to play between now and the end of the Championship, since it will face AC Ajaccio on the next day, will then go in Auxerre (3rd) and will end its journey with a trip to Sochaux (5th).


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