Ligue Magnus: Grenoble crowned champion of France for the eighth time

Rather lucky in matches 3 and 4, with away victories on penalties, the Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble did not wait for this final lottery this Wednesday evening, on their ice rink, to win the fifth match of the series which pitted them against the Dukes of Angers in the final of the Magnus League and thus won the title of French ice hockey champion.

The meeting had however started well for the visitors with an opener from Maurin Bouvet in the first period. But the Isérois then unfolded, scoring five goals in total by Nicolas Deschamps (doubled), Adel Koudri, Sacha Treille and Joël Champagne, including three in the last third.

Angers, a fatal lack of realism

Angers will certainly be able to regret their too many wasted chances in the previous four matches. No doubt he was closer to Grenoble than indicated by the final score of the series (4-1), but his lack of realism was fatal to him. Grenoble is crowned for the eighth time in its history. His previous title dates back to 2019. He thus succeeds the Dragons de Rouen, champions in 2021.


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