On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May, the 43rd edition of the national breeding exhibition of the French club of the beagle, beagle-harrier and harrier will take place.

“This is the first time that Aude is going to receive the national breeding exhibition of the French beagle club, beagle-harrier and harrier, and this is happening in Limoux”, rejoice Fabrice Farneda, departmental delegate of the club, Philippe Satgé, co-organizer of the event and president of the association of hunters of Limoux, and Sébastien Michelier, also co-organizer. After three editions canceled due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19, this will be an opportunity for this club to carry out first, on Saturday at 5 p.m., their general assembly held at the Salle des Halles, place du General Leclerc. “The time has come to talk about the life of the club, that the steering committee explains the decisions taken for the coming year, and above all to hear from each regional and departmental delegation”lists Fabrice Farneda.

100 Beagle-Harrier will be presented on Sunday May 29th.

100 Beagle-Harrier will be presented on Sunday May 29th.

From 7 p.m., there will be a reception and gala dinner at the Olympia, where 250 people are expected. Among them, municipality, partners, committees, but also members from all over France to attend the demonstration the next day. For Philippe Satgé, in charge of the organization, “this is a first, usually I am present as a simple participant”. And he has planned everything for this annual meal: “We are going to introduce them to Limoux, its carnival and its bubbles! At the end of the dinner, a band of Sieur d’Arques and the banda de Limos will come and play some Limoux tunes for about twenty minutes”. There will then follow a few awards presented by the president of the club, Jacques Menut, awards and honors to the dogs that have marked the past three years.

500 dogs exhibited

On Sunday May 29, the exhibition will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Robert-Badoc center in the Ninaute estate (near Notre-Dame de Marceille). A hundred participants, breeders and individuals, will come to present their dogs. “They will be judged on the ideal of the breed in phenotype. A beagle is expected to fit into a square cob, that is to say that it is as long as it is high; that its ears fall right on his nose, that his back line is perfect, that he has good legs and an adequate muzzle (that the length of his nose to his forehead is the same as that of his skull) etc.details the departmental delegate of the club.

350 Beagles will be present at the show.

350 Beagles will be present at the show.
Claude Delbourg – The Independent

A total of 500 dogs (beagles, beagle-harriers and harriers) will compete in seven different categories: puppies (from 9 to 12 months), young (12 to 18 months), intermediate (18 to 36 months) open and working (from 12 to 8 years), champions and veterans (over 8 years). Two rings will be dedicated to the 100 beagle-harriers and seven other platforms will be dedicated to the 350 beagles.

Fabrice Farneda, Philippe Satgé and Sébastien Michelier, novices of this organization, expect to receive around 1,000 visitors, “surely dog ​​lovers”.

The awards ceremony will begin at 4 p.m.

Free admission. Bar and restaurant on site.