Loire. “The cold can do damage to the most fragile birds”

Can we fear that the episode of cold announced this weekend will cause victims among the birds?

“Some species like tits have started to build their nest or are incubating. Baby birds have already been born among the pigeons, doves, blackbirds. There may be heat loss and a problem of access to food. Everything will then be frozen and not edible. This drop in temperature can damage fragile species. When there are gusts of wind, heavy rain, nests can fall and birds get hurt.

Care centers are then called upon. In the region, there is Hirondelle, in Saint-Forgeux, bordering the Rhône, which can be contacted. »

Are the birds the only ones to suffer from this cold?

“There are also squirrels whose young have already been born or even bats. They have a particular biological cycle. From October to March, they sleep in caves, attics. When the good weather arrives, the bats come out of their lethargy, look for resting places for spring and summer, and replenish their reserves with the insects which are their main food. If these insects are not resistant to frost, they have no food left. During the winter, the bats lost a lot of weight, energy. An energy they use to hunt. They too can be weakened and experience some problems in recovering. This episode of cold should not drag on. These are animals that can be found on the ground very weakened because they no longer had the energy to fly.

With spring and the size of hedges, trees, many squirrels and birds are also victims, not of the weather, but of man. Hidden in these plants, they find themselves massacred with chainsaws or in the open. They fall to the ground and are exposed to predators. If you know that there are broods in your tree, it’s good to ask a care center to find out what to do. It is recommended not to undertake anything between March and September on the trees because the plants are, at that time, in full rise of sap. »

Does the arrival of the swallows still make spring?

“We haven’t seen any yet to my knowledge. The first swifts arrived last weekend in Saint-Étienne. Most migratory species are in the process of reaching their breeding site. »

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