Long Covid: these symptoms that can get worse over time

Scientists from AP-HP and the University of Paris based themselves on the evolution of 53 symptoms in 986 patients to draw conclusions regarding long Covid. Among the symptoms that recur most often, they noted fatigue, headaches and “mental fog”-type concentration disorders.

This French research, the first in the world that reconstructs the precise history of each symptom, has already determined that 85% of patients will suffer from long Covid one year after contracting it.

This study, led by Dr. Viet-Thi Tran, also made it possible to describe “the dynamics” of the symptoms of long Covid which worsen day after day.

“The impact of the disease on the lives of patients began to increase six months after its onset,” he observed with his colleagues.

Out of a total of 53 symptoms of the coronavirus, the evolution of these showed a decreasing prevalence over time for 27 of them. These include cough, smell and/or taste disorders which are thus less and less present in the 986 patients studied.

While 18 symptoms, including fatigue, did not change at all during this study, eight other symptoms, on the other hand, mark their presence more and more in sick people. These include hair loss, pain in the neck, back or arm as well as various disorders of the sense of touch. All these symptoms were not very present at the beginning of the disease and worsened over time.

The research continues

“In the weighted data, the median age of patients was 48 years (interquartile range 32-56) with 57.7% (559/968) male. A total of 35.1% (340/968) reported comorbidities, 6.3% (61/968) suffered from chronic lung disease and 4.2% (41/968) from high blood pressure. ‘study.

“These results shed light on the pathophysiology of the disease. They make it possible to identify, among all the complex and heterogeneous manifestations of the long Covid, those which are more linked to the sequelae of the acute disease (whose symptoms decrease over time) and those linked to other mechanisms, than these are immunological, psychosomatic, or even unexplained”, she detailed.

To better understand the long Covid disease, the AP-HP has appealed to patients to register for follow-up. This will also enrich the database and advance medical research.

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