Lorraine. He traps, mistreats and shoots a cat: the court condemns him

The little survivor, at the vet.  The ASPA des Vosges and the BAMA (Brigade anti animal abuse) worked for the conviction of the culprit.
The animal was found trapped in a cage and covered in blood. (©ASPA Vosges)

On March 3, 2021, a resident of Chantraine, in the Vosges, found his cat in front of the entrance to a neighboring house.

The cat is locked in a cage serving as a trap and is covered in blood. Immediately taken to the veterinarian, the professional finds that the cat has a lead in the head.

In view of the facts, the owner lodged a complaint the next day, at the police station.

The animal protection brigade is investigating

Quickly contacted by the owner, the ASPA des Vosges animal protection brigade investigated. And in turn lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor for “act of cruelty and keeping a pet in an installation that could cause suffering”.

The author of cruelty admits the facts

On June 8, 2022, the perpetrator was tried during an appearance on prior admission of guilt.

He is sentenced to 5 months suspended prison sentence, a fine of 300 euros, a procedural fee of 127 euros and must pay the ASPA des Vosges (civil party) 600 euros (including 200 euros under article 475 -1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).

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