Lost Dog Rides Bus Every Day Looking For Owner, Watery Eyes Cry For Help

There is nothing more saddening than finding an innocent and lost person. The kindness of pets is something infinite, once we give them help, give them a home, give them food, take care of them when they are sick, they just don’t forget.

That is why, when they are lost, they are emotionally broken. Even if some do not believe in the power of this bond, their lost gaze and their search for attention, love, affection and understanding speak for themselves.

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A lost dog gets on the bus every day in search of his master

An example of this was observed in Lima-Peru, specifically on Avenida Carlos Izaguirre and Panamericana Norte, where a dog was seen for several days, climbing up the public transport to try to find his master.

His presence was surprising, because it is obvious that he is not from the street. Several people therefore decided to photograph it while trying to find the owner through social networks.

Over the days, the owner of this dog then also spoke on Facebook to ask for help from anyone who could see Gringo, the name of the dog. He also contacted Wapa Media, and although he still doesn’t seem to have found it, he doesn’t give up hope that someone will help him.

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Remember that if you find a lost dog and you have time, you can approach it and try to help it; if you notice that he is not violent or aggressivetake a photo and post it on social networks, perhaps indicating the address where you saw the animal.

Try calling if he has a tag, take him to a center to see if they can locate him with the chip. And if you want to go even further and you have space, take him home and offer him a temporary home, the time to find his master.

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