Lot: impoundment ordered by decree for the two dogs who devoured the little dog Hiris


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An impound order was issued on Thursday against the two Huskys who had devoured a little dog Jack Russel at the entrance to the house of his master François Sol. They must be impounded this Friday. There, a behavioral vet will examine the dogs before making a decision.

Tuesday, February 8 is a day that will long remain engraved in the mind of François Sol. That day, the manager of the Casino Shop, in Cahors, lamented the loss of his little 10-year-old dog, Hiris, devoured by two large dogs right next to the fence of his house.

Fence partly nibbled by the two Huskys who then had no difficulty in seizing Hiris by the neck and feasting on her in front of the property from which they had extricated her. A neighbor witnessed this violent scene and could only put the dogs to flight.

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An immediate reaction from the competent services

In his misfortune, François Sol was happy that Mango, his Yorkshire, did not in turn become the lunch of the dogs who were unleashed on Hiris. The internal bleeding caused by the bites left no chance of survival for the little dog.

Its owner had then alerted the legal affairs services of the city of Cahors. They reacted quickly to allow the establishment of an order to impound.

“The signed decree was transmitted to the prefecture on Thursday, then sent to the municipal police of Cahors and to the agents of the Sifa (Intercommunal union of animal pound) so that a notification is given to the owner of the dogs and finally that those- these are taken care of by the pound. This is the procedure in such circumstances, ”explains Isabelle Hidalgo, director of the general administration of legal affairs at the town hall of Cahors and administrative manager of Sifa.

Euthanasia? The behavioral veterinarian will decide it or not

The procedure described also relies on the intervention of a behavioral veterinarian. “He will examine the dogs and then make the appropriate decision. But we cannot necessarily speak of euthanasia. Only the veterinarian is authorized to decide what action to take. A mayor cannot order euthanasia on his own initiative. He is not a specialist. It is on the basis of the behavior of the dogs that the veterinarian will decide this question, ”insists Isabelle Hidalgo.

In the present case where no person has been bitten by animals, euthanasia can be ruled out. “We’ll let you know. The owner has already been warned that this decision could be part of the possibilities. In the case of a possible euthanasia of the dogs, a specific decree would then be taken by the mayor of Montat since the animal pound is located in this municipality, ”concludes the administrative manager of Sifa.

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