Lucas Paqueta flies to the aid of Neymar

Neymar (30) has been at the heart of the media storm in recent hours after new rumors about his lifestyle. The Paris SG star, who arrived in Brazil to defend the colors of the Seleção, saw his partner Lucas Paqueta (24) come to his aid. Present at a press conference on Tuesday, the playmaker of Olympique Lyonnais wanted to defend his teammate. With ardour.

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“You will always hear me say that Neymar is, above all, a great person, a great professional, who has incredible talent and who, without doubt, is the best player in the Brazilian selection. Having him with us is a privilege. When I have Neymar by my side, I feel much stronger, just like my other partners. He also feels that when he is in selection, we motivate ourselves more, we give each other more affection, it makes us stronger. The requirement is still there. PSG were eliminated in the Champions League, the press and fans will point the finger for that. He is recovering from an injury, he is stronger every day to help us in Seleção, I am sure he will do well.he dropped before responding to the latest accusations on No. 10 Auriverde. “It is a total lack of respect, to say or transmit information that is false. Of course, he didn’t tell me about it, but I’m sure that’s not true. But people talk too much, it affects us a bit, it’s hard to filter all that. I’ll give you an example: people said it was Neymar who was dressed as Spiderman at my house for my son’s birthday. You can’t imagine what nonsense people can say about a player. There are a lot of things around a player, I think Neymar is an excellent professional and he didn’t do that.”, he sent. Ney will appreciate.

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