Lunelo lawyer Gérard Christol joined the Montpellier Academy


The former chairman was received Monday evening, February 21, at the Cité des Arts, on the chair occupied until then by the painter Gérard Calvet, whom he praised at length.

The former president Gérard Christol has been officially an academician of sciences and letters of Montpellier since Monday evening. He was received by Sydney-Hervé Aufrère, president, by Christian Nique, permanent secretary, and by some 90 members divided into the humanities, science and medicine sections at the Cité des Arts. From now on, the Lunellois occupies the XXI chair of the Letters section, a seat which, until now, was that of the painter Gérard Calvet.

As is the tradition of this venerable institution more than three hundred years old (it was born in February 1706), Gérard Christol praised his predecessor. First sharing his emotion then greeting the chairman François Bédel Girou de Buzareingues “beacon of the profession which is mine, which convinced you to accept me among you”the lawyer, for once, then submitted his remarks to the judgment of his future peers.

Back to the past

“Talking about Gérard Calvet is talking about me”launched, from the outset, Me Christol, thanking the artist for “to have made him go back in time”. In fact, in his eulogy of the one he describes as “painter of happiness”, there was talk of the Camargue and, at length, at the very end of the matter, of Lunel. The new academician first spoke of the painter’s predecessor at the Academy, Arnaud de Pesquidoux and his writings on Camargue culture.

Gérard Christol also had fun highlighting the meeting of the artist from Aude with a young woman from Lune, Yvonne, whom he married. He emphasized on “the landscapes of Calvet which have enlightened and punctuated my life, Le Grau-du-Roi, where I come from and where I spent the first six months of my life”, but also the Espiguette lighthouse “where I used to go up at night with an old uncle who was in it, the caretaker” or even Aigues-Mortes…

Me Christol’s reception ended with the answer given by François Bédel Girou de Buzareingues.

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