Lung cancer: Has Spain found the miracle cure?

“This is the biggest breakthrough in 30 years,” explains Dr. Mariano Provencio, who led the study.

the lung cancer remains the most murderer cancers, killing more than 30,000 people in France. The chances of recovery are relatively low since only 30% sick people are still alive 5 years after identifying their tumor.

But things could change thanks to a new treatment found by Spanish scientists. It would multiply by 6 the number of lung cancers disappear completely.

An investigation of the GECP ratifies the paradigm shift in the approach to early lung cancer

“Vamos a poder operar a muchos más pacientes y lograr que vivan muchos más”, asegura el jefe de Oncología del Hospital Puerta de Hierro de Madrid

— La Vanguardia (@LaVanguardia) May 27, 2022

An encouraging clinical trial

This clinical test appointed NADIM IIwas carried out in Spain by the Spanish Lung Cancer Group (CPEG).

The results of this clinical trial showed that the new treatment stop progress cancer in 60% cases, and allows long survival.

the Dr. Mariano Provenciowho coordinated the study, says it is “the biggest breakthrough in three decades”.

What exactly does the treatment consist of?

As Ser indicates, the basic principle of this treatment is to combine both the chemotherapy and immunotherapy before any surgery. This last technique consists of inducing the patient’s immune system to attack the cancer cells as if it were a virus or a bacterium.

A new investigation against lung cancer results in a complete reduction of the tumor in 38% of patients

— Europa Press (@europapress) May 27, 2022

However, this treatment would only be fully effective on cancers with a early stage Where little advanced. But it remains extremely well tolerated by patients, because it is short and requires only 3 administrations.

According to Dr. Mariano Provencio98% of lung cancer patients who receive this new treatment are still alive four years later”.

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