Lyon court: a lawyer denounces the presentation of a Covid patient at the hearing

“Do you really want to judge a Covid patient? We prefer protocol to human beings! “The lawyer Julien Charle let his anger burst, Wednesday, January 19 at the hearing of the immediate appearances of Lyon. The criminal lawyer revolted against the presentation of his client, tested positive for Covid and despite everything presented to the hearing, after a day of waiting in the courthouse.

While assize trials, and even that of the Paris attacks, are postponed when detainees or staff are infected with Covid, the Lyon lawyer denounced a situation ” shameful “. The defendant, holder of a heavy criminal record, was arrested on Monday for a traffic violation, followed by threats against the police. Placed in police custody, he received the result of the test taken the day before his arrest: positive for Covid. According to magistrates, several health precautions are taken for contact cases referred to the courthouse: isolated cell, gloves, special course…

The law imposes drastic rules and we leave a patient in the middle of the palace, and we propose to send him to prison to contaminate even more? questioned Mr. Charles. While the prosecution demanded pre-trial detention, the court granted strict judicial control, postponing the trial to February. ” Finally some reason breathed the lawyer.

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