Lyonnais Antoine Bert creates the first virtual law firm


Antoine Bert, lawyer from Lyon, develops the PacisLexis Family Law virtual law firm. This space allows clients to make appointments, lawyers to organize meetings by offering an alternative to physical meetings.

Antoine Bert has all too often heard: “ My lawyer is never available”, “I don’t always understand when he talks to me”, “I don’t dare go see him”… The Lyonnais, founder of several legaltechs including DigitalDroit, recently joined the Parisian firm PacisLexis Family Law where he developed a new way of practicing the profession based on the “metaverse” (virtual world, Editor’s note).

Objective : “Breaking the image of the stiff lawyer, not very accessible and who can even be scary”, he explains. Although it does have premises in the capital, the firm created by Héloïse Kawaishi also has virtual offices where the team can interact, attend conferences or organize meetings through an avatar.

In this “closed metaverse”, customers can also be invited and the most privileged even have permanent access. “The goal is not to be 100% digital, but to offer another alternative to meet”, specifies Antoine Bert. The innovation enthusiast also notes two internal advantages with a revitalization of the life of the firm at a time when teleworking is more and more common and an easier integration of new employees. “Finally, as we are faced with heavy family law matters, it is interesting to have a more playful space, a form of “gamification” which soothes. »

In the virtual office, a person provides reception from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., 5 days a week. The client can thus go to the virtual office and ask if a lawyer is available or make an appointment.

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