MAINTENANCE. Lot: former lawyer, he converted to the traveling creperie

On the markets, at garage sales, flea markets, various festivals…, we meet him behind his crepe maker, soothing small appetites; this traveling salesman is none other than Pascal Le Bihan, who was still a lawyer at the Cahors bar not long ago.

Can we know your background?

Of course ; Originally from the Paris region where I was born 59 years ago, I studied law at the faculty of Panthéon la Sorbonne. I got there after bac plus 5, a DEA in rural law and environmental law.

Immediately after my success in the exams, I joined as a lawyer, still in Paris, the national union of fishing federations in the section “Fishing and the law”. Three years later, wishing to settle in rural areas, I held a position as tax legal adviser for the FDSEA (trade union federation of farmers) in Creuse for 17 years. After taking my oath as a lawyer, I joined the Cahors bar from 2013 to 2020. I left to work for a few months at the FDSEA in Perpignan until January 2021.

What were your reasons for changing careers?

It is true that leaving the bar for the crepe maker may seem surprising. But I felt a certain lassitude and I can say that I left my clients without regrets: excess workload, dematerialization of management acts, catastrophic treatment by the Cahors court of legal aid, dehumanization, the complexity of the procedures, the pension reform pushed me three years from retirement to change my activity. After a month’s break, I opted for the status of traveling salesman.

Why pancakes?

I need to re-anchor myself in real life. In my youth, during the holidays, I helped my grandfather in Brittany to sell pancakes.

So I took two courses in their region of origin to learn how to make real pancakes and pancakes. Admittedly, the profitability is variable, but I intend to perpetuate my activity, especially since the atmosphere of the markets is pleasant. From Luzech to Monflanquin via Puy-l’Evêque, Prayssac, Roquecor, Montcuq, Belaye… I criss-cross the region.

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