Man Gets Speeding Ticket, But Radar Photo Pinpoints Dog As Culprit

A dog flashed for speeding? In any case, it is he who appears in the photo accompanying the ticket received by his owner. An unusual anecdote that the nephew of the interested party shared on Twitter.

In Germany, a motorist had a funny surprise when he discovered his speeding ticket, sent by mail, on which appeared the photo of his dog driving. A story told by The Dodo. He is a user of Twitter who shared this story, the owner of this dog being his uncle.

Upon opening the envelope, the man was surprised to see that the photo proving his offense does not show him behind the wheel, but his 4-legged friend, a Pomeranian.

Illustration of the article: A man receives a speeding ticket, but the photo on the radar points to his dog as the culprit
The Dodo

He was indeed the driver of his car, but, according to the user of Twitterthe quadruped jumped into his uncle’s lap at the exact moment the vehicle was flashed.

“He was only on his knees for 3 seconds”

Normally the dog is secured with a special belt, but that day my uncle had forgotten to put it on himexplains the nephew. The dog came to cuddle him. The funny thing is that he was on his knees for only 3 seconds. »

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He specifies that the motorist has paid his fine of 50 euros. ” But I can’t tell you that the authorities thought “, he continues jokingly.

A scene that makes you smile, but which is also an opportunity to remember that it is extremely important to ensure the safety of the dog during car journeys.

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