man sentenced for throwing neighbour’s cat out of 4th floor window

Following the death of the animal, the accused was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence and will also have to pay more than 1000 euros to an association for the defense of animals which has filed a civil action.

His act of wanton cruelty will not go unpunished. Nearly a year after the events, a man was sentenced by the Paris Criminal Court on Monday, April 4, for having inflicted fatal injuries on the cat of one of his neighbors, by throwing it from the fourth floor of his building, located in the 19th arrondissement of the capital.

According to actuParis, the owner of the animal was absent from his home on April 26, 2021, when his neighbor, for an unknown reason, threw the feline out of the fourth floor window. The local media specifies that the scene was seen by two other inhabitants of the building, a father and his daughter, who immediately called the police.

The accused was intoxicated

When they arrived on the spot, the police found the cat on the ground, seriously injured after this heavy fall. Transported to the veterinary emergency room, the animal died a few hours later from his injuries. In a drunken state, the suspect was quickly arrested by the police, who also warned the owner of the cat, inevitably devastated by the news.

This Monday, April 4, the individual who had thrown the feline out of the window was therefore found guilty of acts of cruelty to an animal, which earned him, according to actuParis, “a conviction to ten months in prison suspended on probation with care obligations”, as well as a “definitive ban on keeping animals”. The local media finally specifies that the accused will also have to “pay the sum of €600 in damages and €800 for legal costs to the Stéphane Lamart association”, which filed a civil action.

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